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Nexus Lab is a contrail reduction software company founded in 2022 with a clear goal - to mitigate the greenhouse effect and promote a more sustainable future. By utilizing cutting-edge machine learning techniques on satellite imagery, flight trafic data and meteorological parameters, we aim to significantly reduce the impact of contrails on the environment. We develop a product that helps airline companies to become more greener.
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What are Contrails?

Contrails, short for "condensation trails," are visible cloud-like trails that form behind aircraft as a result of the water vapor and other emissions released by their engines. When aircraft engines burn fuel, they produce water vapor and exhaust gases, including carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur compounds, and small particles. In certain atmospheric conditions, typically at high altitudes where the air is cold and humid, the water vapor in the engine exhaust condenses into tiny ice crystals or water droplets, forming contrails. Contrails have negative implications primarily in terms of their impact on climate. When contrails form, they can contribute to the formation of cirrus clouds, which have a warming effect on the atmosphere.

Environmental Studies

Global Warming

Studies prove that the global warming potential of contrails is five times that of carbon dioxide.

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Non-CO2 Impact

Non-CO2 effects in total represent more than half of the aviation effects on climate.

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Contrail Coverage

Contrail cirrus clouds typically occupy about 0.6% of the world's skies simultaneously.

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How Does Nexus Work?

Contrail Prediction

We use machine learning on satellite, flight, and meteorological data to predict contrails formation zones.

Routes Optimization

Based on the predicted contrail formation zones, the optimal routes are proposed.

Pilot Decision

Pilot chooses the best options among proposed routes and send request to air trafic control.

Flight Adjustment

Based on air traffic control permission, the flight adjustment is made on altitude or airways.

Product Key Features

User-Friedly Interface

Runs on pilot’s tablet

Updates every 30 minutes

Gives post-flight result

What Is Included?


Customizing the software to your specific needs


Regular updates with the latest features and security patches


Integration with other software applications (upon request)

24/7 Support

Providing ongoing support for the software


2022 National Winner

Our project was selected as the best among 40 local projects

Special Prize Winner

For developing products/services for renewable energy transition and energy efficiency

2022 World Champion

Regular updates with the latest features and security patches

2023 National Winner

Our project was selected as the most creative project among 28 local projects

Global Top 10 Award

Our project made it to the top 10 winners in the Global finals

Cassini Entrepreneurship Day 2023

We were honored for the one of the best satellite technology usage


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